Thursday, January 21, 2016

Why consultant kits are the BEST DEAL GOING for you and your wallet

Everybody likes good deals. Oh hell, we all love a STUPENDOUS deal! Millions of people have signed for a MLM company at some point in their lives for one reason or another. Maybe you joined to get the products you want or possibly based on the promise of unlimited income potential. Whatever your reason, simply joining a Direct Sales business in itself can be an addiction.
It took me many years to realize my consultant kit addiction. I freely admit it now. I LOVE consultant kits that are chock full of the fantastic full size products at a screaming cheap price! If you're in any Direct Sales Opportunity for more than 15 minutes, you'll soon figure out that the prices you pay for the products in the "consultant" starter kit is usually at a 40 - 75% discount. Unless the company you have agreed to join gives out free products to you to resell on a regular basis, chances are you'll pay a far higher price per item versus the price you paid for them in the kit.
There are however RULES OF THUMB to follow when signing up for a company when you're signing the dotted line for the perk of receiving the companies product selection in the starter kit for a larger than normal discount.
1. For the starter kit to be worth your while, it needs to contain 80% product and only 20% promotional materials. 90-10 is the dream, mixture, but you wont get that with all companies. BEWARE and AVOID companies that have too much in the way of catalogs, flyers, pamphlets etc.. You want toys and gifts, not announcements.
2. Avoid the dreaded AUTOSHIP. Be careful and read the FINE PRINT and make sure your not agreeing to some monthly shipment of whatever this company plans on shipping you to "plump up" their earnings bottom line.
3. Make sure the items you are receiving are full size products and not "demonstration samples" or "display only" models. It defeats the whole purpose of buying the starter kit to get away with some great loot at a FABULOUS price!
4. Be willing to tell your pesky consultant you signed up under that you simply bought the kit to get the products to try out and you'll let her know if your interested in the full on opportunity.
5. Look at the cost of the kit versus the "retail price" they are quoting its worth. If the kit is worth $600 and the cost is $159.00 (like pampered chef) then its definitely a kit worth buying! If they are offering a $300 for $149.00 or even $99, move on to another offer unless its something you think you just HAVE to have.